Aug 262016

This week I updates my PowerDNS installation. From version 2.9.21 to 4.0.1. The migration went smooth without any issues. A few minor parameter changes and a database where the data could be transferred without any issues. Me very happy about it.

Today I wanted do the webfrontend for PowerDNS. I used an application with a latest update in 2013. The website does not exist anymore. Time for new stuff to make it a bit easier than giving SQL commands. A list of possible web frontends is given at and because most of my machines do PHP by default I did choose for nsedit. Continue reading »

May 142015

This begin of the month I made an error with my data package from my phone. At my remote location, where my mobile phone keeps it between “No services” and “Emergency calls only”, I did manage to get a 4G connection with 8/6Mbit/s (up/down). And make this connection available by having Wi-Fi services. The error was that I forgot that I configured most mobile devices to not sync large data by mobile data connection but only when connected to Wi-Fi. In this case Plex started to sync movies to my tablet. Which in the end used all (and more) data than I get with my phone package each month. And when the data packages is down to 0, the provider reduces the connection to 64kbit/s. Continue reading »

Mar 222015

It was time for a factory reset. My latest post was from late 2010 and after that i went very quiet with posting. Time to make a fresh restart. Throw all posting away, cleared the database and re-installed WordPress. Now lets see if i can hold up to make small dumps from my brain into a posting.