May 142015

This begin of the month I made an error with my data package from my phone. At my remote location, where my mobile phone keeps it between “No services” and “Emergency calls only”, I did manage to get a 4G connection with 8/6Mbit/s (up/down). And make this connection available by having Wi-Fi services. The error was that I forgot that I configured most mobile devices to not sync large data by mobile data connection but only when connected to Wi-Fi. In this case Plex started to sync movies to my tablet. Which in the end used all (and more) data than I get with my phone package each month. And when the data packages is down to 0, the provider reduces the connection to 64kbit/s.

With only 64kb/s there is no way to do any web browsing the normal way. For most pages it already takes longer to see anything and will be showed without any images. For news sites the headlines in most cases are enough but when need to get a local store/restaurant, forget to google it. Just start walking because that is the fastest way to find a store or restaurant.

Navigation, normally done with Google Maps, cannot be done anymore. Only in a traffic jam where you don’t move more than 10 meters in 10 minutes, maps will be downloaded and visible on the screen. For any other moment during the journey, you are located at a gray location without any roads. So any advice from me, install also Here and make the most needed maps available offline.

As with navigation, this also applies for my music listening during travelling. I am big support of Spotify and like the Moods lists, which because there are so many of them, will be streamed when I travel. But whatever sound quality I can choose, a max of 64kbit/s will not be enough to stream. So this month I am limited to whatever I have offline available.

Anything that keeps working ‘normal’? Yes I am glad that SSH doesn’t need that much of bandwidth and even a RDP session to a Microsoft Windows server does work with 64kbit/s (with configured settings for 56kbit/s connection). Email still is pushed to my phone (without attachments) and happily, which is most communication for me, Whatsapp is working.

So in the rest of this month, keep communicating, but don’t send any large attachments/pictures.

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